Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the $100 Sweetgreen Pass count towards my loyalty rewards ($9 for $99 spent)?

Your $100 Sweetgreen Pass does not count towards your loyalty rewards.

2. What happens if I choose not to use my pass credit for an order?

You can opt out of using promotional or credit value. Unfortunately, at this time, you cannot select to choose one type of credit over the other; however, LevelUp’s logic applies for credit with the soonest expiration date first as to benefit the consumer. For example, the $3 promotional credit will be applied to orders prior to the gift card value or other remaining credits in a user’s account since it has a shorter expiration window.

3. Can I use the $3 promotional credit on a non-sg pass order?

Yes. For example, if a customer spends $15 on day one, only their first $3 credit will be applied to the order; meaning a total of $12 will be owed at checkout. At that time, the $12 will be deducted from the $100 credit balance, leaving the customer with $88 remaining. Their next 9 visits will still earn + redeem $3 credits, but they won’t receive a lump sum of $27 of credits at once.

4. What happens if I use my credit card to pay for an order? Will that order earn a $3 reward or does the pass credit HAVE to be applied to earn the reward?

The credit is triggered to any order that occurs through the app or by scan-to-pay in store. There is no difference between a Sweetgreen Pass order and a regular order. There is only the option to use or not use credit at checkout.

5. Is the Sweetgreen Pass non-refundable? If so, where is that stated?

The Sweetgreen Pass is non-transferable and not reloadable as stated on the offer details on the landing page. We can refund the purchase if it is prior to the initial $100 credit being dropped. At this time, once credit is dropped into an account we, unfortunately, cannot retroactively remove credit.

6. Can I place an order before my pass is activated?

Yes of course, but you will not receive the credit retroactively. The credit begins within 24 hours once it has been dropped into the account.

7. Will any pre-existing credit in my account be applied to my order first?

Credits will be applied based on the expiration date. For example, the $3 credit will be used before any other reward credit (as it expires after 35 days).

8. Does my credit expire?

Your $100 credit expires in 2025.

Your $3 credits expire 35 days from the day you earned them.

To see the status of any of your credits, tap “Credits + Rewards” in your app or “My Rewards” under your web account.

9. I entered the wrong email address and want to transfer the pass to my sweetgreen account. How can I do that?

Unfortunately, the pass is non-transferable. We don’t have the capability to merge accounts or transfer the promotional value to another email address. We recommend that you create a new sg account with the email associated with the purchase. You can use this account until all of your credit has expired. The pass does not count towards your loyalty progress so that you won’t be missing out on any rewards.